What to Look For When Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer

There are 2,800 Americans on record for being wrongly convinced. One of the main reasons that someone might be wrongly convicted is because they didn’t hire an excellent criminal defense lawyer. 

The right criminal defense lawyer will understand the laws inside and out, explaining to you the charges against you and what action needs to be taken. 

So what qualities should you look for in a good lawyer? This article lists five key attributes you should look out for. 

1. Choose a Lawyer Who Specializes in Criminals Law

There are many different areas of law, and it takes many hours of study to understand them. Generally speaking, lawyers choose to specialize in one specific area. If you’re involved in a criminal defense case, you need to find a lawyer who specializes in criminal defense

2. Make Sure They’re Quick to Respond

You should also make sure any prospective criminal defense attorney is quick to respond to your questions. Whether by email or phone, a good lawyer should be quick to reply to any issues you might have. 

A good lawyer should want to get the ball rolling on your case as quickly as possible. There’s no need to tolerate slow lawyers who take days or even weeks to respond. 

Generally speaking, a lawyer should set up an initial consultation within 24 hours of first getting in contact with them. 

3. Make Sure They Make You Feel at Ease

The best criminal defense lawyer is one whose demeanor and professionalism make you feel relaxed and at ease. Going through a criminal trial can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. 

A good lawyer will be able to take the edge off by calmly explaining what you can expect from the process. A good lawyer should make you feel confident in their abilities, and you should feel optimistic you’ll beat the charges against you. 

4. They Should be Familiar With the Local Courts

When you’re involved in a criminal defense lawsuit, you should work with a lawyer familiar with the local court system. There are many advantages associated with having a lawyer who knows the local courts. 

For example, they might be familiar with the judge and how he works in the courtroom. This can give you a significant advantage in beating your case. 

5. They Should Have Good Reviews

Finally, a good lawyer should have good online reviews. These days it’s straightforward to check out lawyer reviews using sites such as Google. While you should make sure the reviews are primarily positive, you should also check out how the lawyer handles bad reviews. 

Do they respond to the bad reviews, and do they make an effort to make it right. These kinds of responses can tell you more about a lawyer than good reviews can. 

A Good Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help You Beat Your Case

Hiring the right criminal defense lawyer could make the difference between whether or not you beat your case. When looking for potential lawyers, keep these tips in mind. 

If you want to work with a great criminal defense attorney, contact us today.